Here's a quick look at the 2018 Capita range arriving at Balmoral Boards early April 2017. Some of the funnest snowboards on the planet being produced in the worlds greenest snowboard factory.


capita 2018 boards

Check the 2018 range here!


We are always genuinely excited when the Capita boards arrive in store. The finish of these boards is always amazing and they ride super well. The range these days is huge and there is honestly a style of board for every sort of rider.


Snowboarding is a beautiful thing. It is what we love most, and we want it to exist for generations ahead. Our hopes for the future include an environment where endless smiles and fist-bumps are tied to consistent snowfall and maximum air time. You know that moment in any snowboard video where a dude does some crazy move and the homeys rush in with hi-fives and hugs? That's what we're talking about. We want more of that feeling. It’s about shredding with good friends, embracing the might and magic of winter – and we want to make more responsible decisions to help protect that moment for all of us.


At the CAPiTA Super Corporation, we have chosen this path knowing that it will push us and challenge our ability. We have chosen to look within, to focus on what we have to improve, and to engage our immediate surroundings for good.

We believe in the manifestation of our collective energy system. We have embraced the power of positivity, and we have realized our dream. We have built The Mothership – the world's first clean energy, zero carbon emission, 100% hydro-powered snowboard  production facility.


We have learned that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and we invite you to join us, to dream and conquer, in the KULT OF POSITIVE FORCE.


The Mothership Connection Connectivity.

It is magic in its most genuine form. It is what we utilize to illuminate our lives as our contentment is deeply affected by the connections we establish with one another, mother nature, and the universe. With artistic endeavors, there is beauty in creation itself.

We take pause in the release of constructive energy as it eventually ebbs against a new flow of endorphins entering our soul. It feels good to be imaginative and for some, this release alone procures contentment.

For others, interaction and interconnectedness are essential to fully experience happiness. We are the latter. We need to connect with like-minded beings. We wish to share our stories and our creations with you. We want you to engage and interact, to experience a life with us that involves powder fields, best friends, high fives, the perfect handrail or the once in a lifetime helicopter. We would like to share something previously unimaginable.

In a beautiful Austrian valley, located near the core of the alpine spirit, we have built the most advanced snowboard production facility in the world. It is called The CAPiTA Mothership, and we are very proud. Inside the sloping exterior shell, we have aimed at towering heights regarding what products we produce and how we will produce them. We have gone to great lengths to obliterate the existing status quo in snowboard production, as we realize that our pursuit of fun comes with great responsibility.

Our hopes and dreams are that this facility will take us collectively into a better future, and we would like to invite you to join us on our journey ahead. The Mothership is not for us alone; it is for you and it stands as our connection to the next generation in snowboarding.

CAPiTA warrants all CAPiTA branded snowboards sold within our authorized distribution network to be free of defects in material or craftsmanship for a period of two years from the original date of purchase.