Dragon have raised the bar in 2015 introducing Transitions lenses into the super popular APX and APXS goggles. Never change a lens again! Yes the transitions lenses are a bit more expensive than a regular lens, however they change tint depending on the light you are riding in, going from a full yellow low light to a full on black out which cuts the harshness of the sun.

Nathan one of the store owners was lucky enough to take the transitions lenses to Japan and here's a few comments on his return.

I just had a chance to ride the Dragon Transitions lenses in Japan and I have to say I was the envy of all. One lens to rule them all. They were so good, the transition happens quickly enough that you never squint but slowly enough that you don't notice the change. I rode them in all light conditions and different temperatures and they never let me down. Nathan-Balmoral Boards.


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