Now bindings - Skate Tech is rad.

Now bindings - Skate Tech is rad.

So many of the heavy hitters in the industry have made the change to Now Snowboard Bindings. I'm sure they all have their own reasons, but we've found they are just great riding bindings.

From my first run on Now bindings I knew that going back to traditional bindings was not an option. I felt an increase in power to the edges, a decrease in chatter, and completely eliminated foot cramping because I no longer had to crank on my binding straps to feel connected to my board.

I remember when four hole discs were introduced in snowboarding. We were excited that we no longer needed to drill our boards and that we could mount a board in 5 minutes. But we all felt a loss in performance because all the power went through the 4 holes disc. Finally there is a binding that has taken the four hole disc out of the equation and the power is being transferred to the edge properly.

– Jeremy Jones, POW activist and Jones snowboards owner

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