Keep your face warm with a Face  Mask: Snowboard Face Masks in Australia

Protecting yourself on the slopes goes beyond keeping the bumps and bruises away. Have you ever stepped off your snowboard at the end of a run only to feel your skin stinging like crazy from the cold and snow? Not exactly fun, is it? That’s why protective clothing is necessary when you’re out there on the slopes. Keeping your skin insulated from the elements allows you to snowboard in comfort, and ensures that you’ll be less distracted when you’re getting face shots in waist deep Japan Powder or bombing down a long, steep groomer run. Specialty items designed to protect you during intense riding are ideal for this. Using a bulky muffler or something like a scarf that is likely to come loose can get in your way when you’re out there, preventing you from having a great day out.

Buying a snow face mask is an excellent way to stay protected from snow, wind and cold on the hill. Skiers, snowboarders, and many other winter sports enthusiasts use snow face masks in Australia and especially overseas, but finding the masks can sometimes be a bit tricky. You won’t pick up snow face masks in department stores or clothing boutiques, after all, especially not cool ones. General sports stores don’t carry them. So where can you go to find a snowboard face mask suitable for serious snowboarding? Try Balmoral Boards!

Balmoral Boards was established in 1989and has since grown into one of Australia’s most popular snowboarding equipment retailers. Snowsports Industries of Australia even voted us the country’s best snowboard store in 2014 and 2016—and we’re determined to take the  title this year too. We go beyond boards, jackets, and helmets at Balmoral Boards. We also carry a huge range of  gear and snowboard spare parts and accessories designed to help you get the most out of your riding, including snow face masks from several quality manufacturers.

A Collection of Varied and Stylized Snow Face Masks in Australia

Looking for something that will complement the rest of your outfit? We’ve got masks available in many different styles so that you’ll be able to find a mask that matches your look perfectly. Several of our styles are produced by leading brands too, including Anon, Burton, Le Bent and  Sherpa. Some of them even feature quirky and unconventional flourishes, like our Anon 2017 Women’s MFI Midweight Neck Warmer with its unique Tiki style.

Find Sales Throughout the Year

 Many of our masks go on sale at various points year-round, so keep checking our website for great details or stop on by and see what we’ve got up for grabs. Keeping us on your radar is an excellent way to find the snowboard accessories that will truly make you stand out on the hill without spending more than you need to. Contact Balmoral Boards today and browse our catalogue. We’re looking forward to helping you get the accessories you need.

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  1. 3CS Toast Neckwarmer - Black - Sale
    • sale
    3CS Toast Neckwarmer - Black - Sale
    Special Price $14.99 RRP $24.99
  2. Anon 2020 MFI Hood Clava
    Anon 2020 MFI Hood Clava
  3. Burton 2020 Premium Balaclava - True Black
    Burton 2020 Premium Balaclava - True Black
  4. Dakine Ninja Balaclava - Black
    Dakine Ninja Balaclava - Black
  5. DC Yad Facemask/Neckwarmer
    • sale
    DC Yad Facemask/Neckwarmer
    Special Price $15.00 RRP $25.99
  6. Le Bent Light 200 Balaclava
    Le Bent Light 200 Balaclava
  7. Rad Weekender Neck Warmer
    Rad Weekender Neck Warmer
  8. Roxy 2020 Lana Collar Neck Warmer
    Roxy 2020 Lana Collar Neck Warmer
  9. Sherpa Fleece Neck Warmer
    Sherpa Fleece Neck Warmer

32 Items

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